What to Expect at A Murderous Affair​

After booking, guests are sent an invite to attend a fictional event, creating a reason for a group of people to be together in one place. This may be a dinner party, a gala ball or even a speakeasy. Once the guests arrive, they are already part of the story. Characters intersperse amongst the guests throughout the evening and share information about themselves and why they are also there at the event.


At first, it is relatively unknown who are ‘characters’ and who are genuine guests. That is until the characters start sharing unusual, incriminating or simply too-much-information about themselves and the other characters, which is when they start to become suspicious.


At some point during the events of the evening, one or more of the characters that the guests have grown to love (or hate) is found murdered. The "police" quickly arrive and ascertain that not only is the murderer in the room but that it is the role of the guests to discover who they are before they strike again.


A ‘Police Incident Room’ is set up in a room nearby where evidence relating to the characters, their stories, and potential motives are displayed for the guests to examine and decipher why someone would do such a thing.


Guests are served a sit-down or cocktail-style gourmet meal (depending on the venue), a selection of beverages and play games that are linked to the theme. Evenings entangle additional murders with fights and arguments amongst characters, giving guests all the more reason to suspect them of murder.


At the end of the evening, guests are asked to suggest their answers for whom they think is the murderer. The Detective Inspector provides the solution, revealing the murderer (or murderers) and outlining their motive and backstory as to why they committed such a heinous crime.


To finish the night, a prize is given to the guest(s) who is ‘Closest to the Truth’.


Our events run for approximately 4.5 hours. 



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